About The Mommie Fairs

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My Mommie Fair is a production of The Nanny Factory. With the help of our trusted partners and sponsors, we are committed to providing THE resource fair designed especially for mommies and mommies-to-be throughout southern California.

All Mommie Fairs are FREE to attend and fun for the entire family of different ages and stages. To find out when a Mommie Fair will visit your area, visit one of the links below.  For future dates or to request a Mommie Fair for your area, send an email to info@thenannyfactory.com.

My Mommie Fair Schedule 2014-2015
Saturday, May 3: The Celebration of Mommie Fair & Boutique -Santa Monica
Saturday, January 24, 2015: The Santa Clarita Preschool Fair-Santa Clarita

My Mommie Fair Schedule 2013
Saturday, January 12 : The Santa Clarita Mommie Fair — The Paseo Club
Saturday, March 16: The Studio City Mommie Fair — Moorpark Park
Saturday, May 4: The Pasadena Mommie Fair — Victory Park Recreation Center
Saturday, July 27: The Burbank Mommie Fair — Victory Baptist Church
Saturday, September 21: The Encino/Tarzana Mommie Fair –Encino Community Ctr
Saturday, December 7: The Malibu Mommie Fair — Malibu Library

Visit Our Other Brands
The Santa Clarita Preschool Fair
The Nanny Factory

Our Signature Sponsors

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2 thoughts on “About The Mommie Fairs

  1. Would like to discuss giving to you Free passes for your giveaways for people to come play. Let me know if to are interested or already gave a play place for this. We are also happy to give this for all upcoming mommies fairs.

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